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African Private Wealth Report

African Private Wealth Report
South Africa, Kenya & Nigeria

U/HNWs, Entrepreneurs, Family Offices & Private Wealth Professionals
The Research Study


We are delighted to announce a major new in-depth research study that will examine private clients and family offices in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria; their experiences and the relationship with their private wealth professionals.


In addition, we will interview African and international based private wealth professionals about serving African private clients.


A total of 100 individuals are participating in the independent research study, comprising of 30 private clients (HNWs, UHNWs, HVRs and wealthy entrepreneurs) and 70 private wealth professionals (trustees, investment managers, family office professionals, private bankers, insurance brokers, estate agents, lawyers, tax advisers, relocation consultants). All participants are taking part in qualitative interviews, sharing their expert views, insights and experiences in the context of African private wealth.


Research Topics
  • Aspects of private client’s selection criteria for private wealth professionals and service providers.

  • Client communication, relationships, value, service quality, satisfaction, trust, loyalty and retention.

  • Private client services such as private banking, investment management, trust & corporate services, family office services, legal services and tax services.

  • Key private wealth themes such as family offices, succession planning & next generation, substance, sustainable investing, philanthropy, privacy and security.

  • Private client insights with regards to banking, investments, collectibles, real estate, private equity, co-investing, lending, focussing on technology, social impact investing, private jets and private client insurance.

  • Views on the future of the private wealth sector.


In Summary:


  • Research Population:

       30 private clients and family offices
       70 private wealth professionals


  • Research Methodology:

       Qualitative in-depth face-to-face interviews

       Quantitative questionnaires


  • Report Circulation:

       Global private clients, family offices, private wealth

       management professionals and key international jurisdictions

The research report will include:


SECTION ONE: South Africa, Kenya & Nigeria

The private wealth market: background, origins, numbers, source of wealth, generations, gender, sectors, growth, type - entrepreneurs/retirees/individuals/family offices. The decision to reside in the UK and which other jurisdictions were/are considered (push/pull factors), benefits and experience of staying in the region. Acquiring and retaining high value private clients for African businesses. What drives/motivates/ inspires/concerns high value private clients – now AND in the future … and their lifestyle choices.


1.1. A Brief History of the region                           

1.2. The Private Wealth Industry in the region      

1.3. Private Wealth in Numbers in the region

1.4. The Regulator in the region

1.5. Relocating to other Jurisdictions                                                                                                                     


2.1. Private Clients and Family Offices                   

2.2. Private Wealth Professionals                                                                                           


3.1. Private Banking

3.2. Investment Management

3.3. Trust & Corporate Services                             

3.4. Family Office Services

3.5. Legal Services

3.6. Tax Services

3.7. Private Client Insurance                  

3.8. Property/Real Estate       

3.9. Private Jet and Yacht Services                        



4.1. Family Offices

4.2. Succession Planning                                       

4.3. Substance       

4.4. Sustainable Investment/Green Finance                                          

4.5. Philanthropy

4.6. Collectibles                     

4.7. Technology and Cyber Security

4.8. Personal Protection and Security                                                                                    


5.1. The African Private Wealth Sector – The Future

Who should sponsor the study? – Private Wealth Management Professionals 

Private/investment banks, wealth managers, asset and investment managers, trust & fiduciary firms, fund managers/administrators, general/life insurance & pension advisers, independent financial advisers, private client lawyers, private client accountants/tax advisers, FX & global payment firms, property & real estate firms, transport providers (private aviation, yachting), luxury goods/service providers.

The Published Research Report

  • The key findings of the research report will be presented at the report launch event in the South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, with an invited audience of high value private clients and private wealth professional contributors/sponsors.


Access an audience of African and international private clients and family offices.

Contact Details
For further information and details about sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Dr Stuart Gibson     E:  

                                      M: +44 (0)7700 720 200

Office:                           T: +44 (0)1534 878400

Benefits to a Sponsor


What does the sponsor contribute?

  • Sponsorship fee: £5,000

  • Interview: Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours

What does the sponsor get in return?
  • The opportunity to be associated with a high quality research study into private clients and family offices

  • In addition to the published report, the sponsor receives a separate more comprehensive in-depth 'Insight Report' presented in a one-to-one meeting with the author; a unique offer only for the sponsors!

  • A unique opportunity to add their own specific question to the research study

  • Branding within final report - 1/2 page advert in the published report which is distributed to high value residents/private clients - gaining massive brand exposure

  • Branding on website - their logo and information on a dedicated 'report website' - accessed by a wider audience

  • Branding on all communication for the event as a 'contributing sponsor'

  • 1,000 hard copies distributed to private clients/family offices and PDF available to 20,000+ private wealth management professionals

  • ... plus invite at launch event - an opportunity for sponsor to attend the launch event and meet private clients

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