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We are currently undertaking a research study for the Guernsey Private Wealth Report 2019.
A total of 90 Guernsey based individuals are participating in the independent research study, comprising of 30 private clients (HNWs, UHNWs, HVRs and wealthy entrepreneurs) and over 60 private wealth professionals (trustees, investment managers, family office professionals, private bankers, insurance brokers, estate agents, lawyers, tax advisers, relocation consultants). All participants are taking part in qualitative interviews, sharing their expert views, insights and experiences in the context of Guernsey private wealth.
We are exploring aspects of private client’s selection criteria for Guernsey based private wealth professionals and service providers, in addition, we are investigating client communication, client relationships, client value, client service quality, client satisfaction, client trust, client loyalty and client retention. Furthermore, we are exploring key private wealth themes in Guernsey such as family offices, succession planning, philanthropy, impact investing, privacy and security.
We are also investigating private client’s banking, investments, collectibles, real estate, private equity, co-investing, lending, focussing on cryptocurrency and private jets.
Finally, we are asking private clients and private wealth professionals about their views on the future of the Guernsey private wealth sector.
Guernsey research participants (53) include: Aberdeen Standard Capital, ABN-AMRO, Active Group, Adjure, Albany Trustees, Appleby, Artemis, Babbe, Bellerive Trust, Bullion Rock, Butterfield Bank, Butterfield Trust, Carey Group, Carey Olsen, Cazenove Capital, CooperBrouard, Dixcart, EFG, Equiom, Federal Trust, Ferbrache Farrell, Fitzroy Tax, FNB, Guernsey Finance, Hiscox, Imperium Trust, Innovest, Investec, IQ-EQ, Islands Insurance, Lancaster Trustees, Livingroom, Locate Guernsey, Maitland, MitonOptimal, Nerrine, Oak Group, Ogier, Opus Private, Peregrine, Quintissential, Ravenscroft, Richmond Fiduciary, Rocq Capital, Rossborough, Sancus, Savills, Skipton International, Swoffers, Sydney Charles, Trident Trust, Trust Corporation International, Walkers.
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