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Services in Global Private Wealth

Our consulting services span across creating lasting legacies, meaningful engagement, impactful initiatives, and defining clear family purposes. We operate in both digital and physical realms, providing a comprehensive platform for managing these key areas.


Our mission is to leverage the influence and resources of the world's leading families to foster sustainable development goals (SDG) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agendas. Through our dynamic metrics, we ensure the effectiveness and impact of these initiatives are measurable, driving change across generations and nurturing better global relationships.


We encourage family units to collaboratively engage in initiatives, amplifying their impact and enhancing global living standards and environmental conservation. This collaboration is a cornerstone of building a meaningful family legacy, which is at the heart of our mission.


Dr Stuart Gibson works with private wealth professionals such as private banks, private equity firms, venture capitalists, wealth managers, trustees, asset managers, family offices, insurance firms, legal firms, professional advisers, luxury goods retailers, not-for-profit organisations, fintech firms, large corporations, small/medium businesses and family businesses to implement actionable winning strategies to acquire, retain and develop customers to increase revenue and profit.
Strategic consulting projects carried out by Dr Stuart Gibson and his team include sustainability, philanthropy, business strategy; marketing strategy; sales & distribution strategy; client engagement & loyalty strategy; digital strategy; and Commercial Due Diligence.

Empowering leading family Principals and their family offices for purpose-driven legacy and impact.

Dr Stuart Gibson

Dr Stuart Gibson

Next Generation Sustainability Consulting

Our suite of consulting services includes sustainability risk audits, vision and goal setting, strategy formulation, implementation, performance tracking, and reporting. We assist families in making impactful environmental commitments.


Following over 1,000 interviews with HNWs, UHNWs, family offices, family businesses and entrepreneurs, globally:

  • We help family offices with their sustainability and ESG/SDG strategy

  • We help family offices create impactful environmental commitments


Next Generation Leadership and Geostrategy Consulting

We offer comprehensive programs in leadership, health and wellbeing, financial literacy, transition planning, and resilience building, preparing the next generation for effective family office leadership.

Geopolitics affects every global organisation including family offices. To thrive in today’s changing world, family offices need a geostrategy. We equip the next generation with geostrategic knowledge and opportunities, including understanding power and influence, political economics, geopolitical dynamics, geostrategic planning, and horizon projects.



Next Generation Succession Planning and Philanthropy Consulting

Following over 1,000 interviews with HNWs, UHNWs, family offices, family businesses and entrepreneurs, globally:

  • We help family offices with their own corporate philanthropic strategy and ambitions

  • Through personalised consultations, we develop unique family charters, defining future commitments and aligning them with ESG strategies



Business Strategy Consulting

  • Business Strategy

  • Client Acquisition and Retention Strategy

  • Strategic Planning & Business Plans

  • Growth Strategy

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Strategic Partners for Joint Ventures & Alliances

  • Innovation Strategy

  • Business Performance Benchmarking

  • Organisation & Leadership Strategy

  • Shareholder Value Management

  • Strategic Governance



Marketing Strategy Consulting

  • Marketing Audit & Analysis

  • Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Market & Customer Segmentation, Targetting and Positioning Strategy

  • CRM Strategy

  • Market Assessment, Market Entry & Market Development Strategy

  • Product Development, Innovation, Launch & Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Global Brand Development & Rebranding Strategy

  • Pricing, Offer & Proposition Strategy

  • Market Research, Competitor & Intelligence Strategy

  • Marketing Communications Strategy (advertising, print, event management, public relations, merchandising, market research).

  • Digital Marketing Strategy (web development, email marketing, SEO, mobile and social media)



Sales & Distribution Strategy Consulting

  • Sales  & Distribution Strategy

  • New Business Development Strategy

  • Multi-Channel Strategies

  • Client Acquisition

  • Portfolio Management

  • Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Key Account Management

  • Performance Measurement

  • Sales Incentives


Client Engagement & Loyalty Strategy Consulting

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Client Loyalty & Retention

  • Client Trust & Satisfaction

  • Client Service Excellence 

  • Client Segmentation

  • Client Behaviour 

  • Client Experience

  • Client Lifecycle & Lifetime Value


Digital Strategy Consulting

  • Digital Business Model & Alignment

  • Digital Innovation

  • Digital Experience

  • Digital Technology

  • Digital Transformation

  • Digital Marketing

  • Online Strategy

  • Mobile Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • e-Business and e-Commerce Strategy

  • e-Learning & e-Safety Strategy in Education


Commercial Due Diligence Consulting

In order to successfully acquire or invest in a business opportunity, an acquirer or investor needs to assess and evaluate the target company, its operations, customers, competitors; its market sector, environment, assets and its opportunity for growth. Only when this commercial due diligence is completed successfully can the acquirer or investor be confident to proceed with the deal, or walk away.

A rigorous and independent commercial, operational and technology due diligence is essential to help organisations understand what they are buying and how to create effective strategies to secure the optimal value from the deal.

Gibson Strategy provides an independent evaluation of all commercial aspects of a business and helps organisations and investors make better deal decisions and address the various acquisition and merger issues by providing a comprehensive set of due diligence services, assessing revenue growth, cost reduction opportunities, competitive position of the organisation, attractiveness of the industry and determining the optimal outcome of a business opportunity.

Our disciplined and scientific approach to commercial, operational and technology due diligence provides deep customised research and validated insight, analysis and intelligence, in order for the acquirer/investor to make informed critical decisions and proceed confidently to invest in a business opportunity; based on detailed, expert analysis of the fundamental drivers of the company performance.

Our key Commercial Due Diligence discipline model incudes:

  • Managing the commercial due diligence programme from start to finish

  • Working with our client to understand their investment approach and thesis

  • Performing commercial, operational and technology due diligence on the target organisation

  • Investigating and analysing the market sector definition (industry, size, growth, share analysis) and competitive landscape

  • Investigating the product, channel, distribution, location type and geography

  • Conducting qualitative interviews with customers, suppliers and competitors

  • As protocol allows, conducting qualitative interviews with key management and personnel to understand and evaluate the management organisation and capability

  • Completing sophisticated financial analysis to build up an inside picture

  • Understanding and validating the target organisations’ operating model and business plan

  • Defining the high-level approach for the business acquisition or merger

  • Summarising the risk and opportunity implications for the acquirer/investor

  • Guiding the decision to proceed or walk away from an investment opportunity

  • We also help develop a post-acquisition/investment agenda once the deal is complete

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