Private Wealth Series

Dr Stuart Gibson and his team continued their research into UHNWs and their wealth service providers, through qualitative face-to-face interviews.
Dr Stuart Gibson and his team continue to conduct face-to-face in-depth qualitative interviews with over 500 UHNWs, private clients, entrepreneurs and family offices, together with over 500 private wealth professionals in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, UK, Africa (South Africa, Kenya & Nigeria) and the Middle East (UAE, Suadi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & Bahrain) into the buyer behaviours, thought processes, trusted relationships, client experiences and satisfaction of UHNWs and their wealth service providers.
For the purposes of our research we define High-Net-Worth individuals (HNWs) as individuals with more than $5million in investable assets (not including their main residential property) and Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals (UHNWs) as individuals with more than $50million in investable assets (not including their main residential property).
Private wealth professionals include: private/investment banks, wealth managers, asset and investment managers, trust & corporate services firms, fund managers/administrators, general/life insurance & pension advisers, independent financial advisers, private client lawyers, private client accountants, tax advisers, treasury, FX & global payment firms, property & real estate firms, transport providers (private aviation, yachting) and providers of luxury goods/services.
The Private Wealth Series
​The Private Wealth Series
  • UK Private Wealth Report
  • Africa Private Wealth Report
  • UAE Private Wealth Report
  • Saudi Arabia Private Wealth Report
  • Kuwait Private Wealth Report
  • Qatar Private Wealth Report
  • Oman Private Wealth Report
  • Bahrain Private Wealth Report
  • US/Canada Private Wealth Report
  • Asia Private Wealth Report
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Private Wealth

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