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Masterclass Programme

Masterclasses 2021
A Masterclass Series for Wealth Management Professionals


Edinburgh | Manchester | Leeds | London | Bristol | Guernsey | Isle of Man | Jersey
Johannesburg | Cape Town | Nairobi | Lagos | Dubai | Riyadh | Kuwait City | Doha | Manama


This intensive thought leadership 1 Day Masterclass course, delivered by Dr Stuart Gibson will show you how to improve the growth, acquisition, retention, service, clients experience, development and profitability of HNWs, UHNWs, entrepreneurs, family businesses (FBs), single-family offices (SFOs) and multi-family offices (MFOs) in today’s changing and challenging times. This 1 Day Masterclass course is designed to help you build the skills necessary to implement an effective and profitable client engagement strategy for your business and a great opportunity to network with your fellow professionals.


In Just 1 Day You Will Learn
  • How to grow revenue and profitability of clients in changing & challenging markets

  • How to build true client loyalty - increase AUM from existing clients (share-of-wallet)

  • How to gain the skills and understanding to implement profitable business strategies

  • To understand different behaviours of HNWs, UHNWs, entrepreneurs, FBs and SFOs

  • How to create long-term trusted client relationships and gain competitive advantage

  • How to successfully implement a client strategy, increasing organisational reputation

  • How to improve client relationships, creating long-term collaborative partnerships

  • How to improve private client service quality and recover from service failure

  • How to ensure client satisfaction and increase cross-buying profitable opportunities

  • To understand trusting behaviour, trustworthiness, loss of trust and balance of power

  • How to reduce switching and maximise lifetime value of clients through innovation

  • How to successfully compete and deliver digital private wealth management services 

Location and Dates for Masterclasses

Price per delegate (all prices net - excluding local taxes): 

  • 1 delegate and one date - GBD £895 per delegate

  • 2 delegate or 2 dates - GBD £775 per delegate

  • 3 delegates or 3 dates - GBD £650 per delegate




Edinburg             4th October 2021

Manchester         6th October 2021

Leeds                   8th October 2021

Bristol                  11th October 2021

London                14th October 2021

Jersey                  3rd November 2021

Guernsey            5th November 2021

Isle of Man          8th November 2021

London                11th November 2021

Johannesburg    6th December 2021

Cape Town          8th December 2021

Dubai                   6th January 2022

Riyadh                  10th January 2022

Kuwait City          13th January 2022

Doha                    17th January 2022

Manama              20th January 2022

Masterclass Agenda

Breakfast: Network Opportunity

Market Overview, Segmentation, Buyer Behaviour, Emotional Behaviour, Value, Relationships & Trust


Morning Session  

  • Introduction

  • Global Private Wealth Management

  • Regional Private Wealth Management

  • Segmentation, Profiling of Target Audience
    - HNWs, UHNWs, entrepreneurs, FBs, MFOs & SFOs

  • Case Study: Guest Speaker

  • Private Client Buyer Behaviour/Selection Criteria


Lunch: Network Opportunity

Afternoon Session

  • Emotional Behaviour, Trusting Behaviour, Behavioural Intent, Emotional Intelligence, Attitude

  • Case Study: Guest Speaker

  • (Co-)Creation of Value, Shared Values, Lifetime Value, Value Proposition

  • Client Relationship Management, Trusted Relationships, Partnerships, Long-term Relationships

  • Effective Persuasive Communication

  • Private Client Key Themes

  • Global Trends/Thought Leadership

  • Q&A Session

Drinks: Network opportunity


Who should attend the Masterclasses? 
Private Wealth Management Professionals

Private/investment banks, wealth managers, asset and investment managers, trust & fiduciary firms, fund managers/administrators, general/life insurance & pension advisers, independent financial advisers, private client lawyers, private client accountants/tax advisers, FX & global payment firms, property & real estate firms, transport providers (private aviation, yachting), luxury goods/service providers. 

Contact Details

For further information please contact:


Dr Stuart Gibson



M: +44 (0)7700 720200

Office: +44 (0)1534 878400

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