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Private Wealth post COVID-19


A one day masterclass workshop for private client advisers and private wealth professionals.


The masterclass series draws on Dr Stuart Gibson’s academic research gathered over 14 years from an extensive private wealth universe. This population consists of private clients (HNWs, UHNWs, family offices) and private wealth service providers globally.


This unique perspective is now offered in a learning format to best benefit both the professional and the organisations that work with private clients.


  • 1-day interactive event for private client advisers and private wealth professionals
  • Intensive thought leadership workshop
  • 2 guest speakers and 2 case studies
  • Access deep independent academic research from
  • 500+ interviews with private clients
  • 500+ interviews with key wealth management decision makers
  • Across 24 global jurisdictions


Masterclass impact

  • Implications for the private wealth industry post COVID-19
  • Improve your acquisition and client engagement with private clients
  • Make smarter decisions by understanding private client decision-making
  • Broaden your knowledge of current and emergent themes and trends
  • Learn how to build trust and loyalty with HNWs, UHNWs and family offices
  • Key themes include sustainability, ESG, impact investing, succession planning, philanthropy, digital technology, client reporting and communicating with the next generation
  • Develop confidence with an in-depth understanding of behavioural biases
  • Gain a holistic overview of the global private wealth universe
  • Network with key decision makers and peers


Who attends?

  • The masterclass series is designed for private client advisers and private wealth professionals including bankers, investment managers, trust directors, wealth advisers, lawyers, tax advisers etc.

Private Wealth post COVID-19 - 1 Day Masterclass by Dr Stuart Gibson

  • How you learn

    • Explore real academic evidence from global private clients and leading private wealth service providers
    • Discuss themes and debate industry changes with Dr Stuart Gibson, consolidating your understanding of private client trends
    • Discuss, debate and explore the key issues with a diverse group of peers

    Your learning experience

    • Learn from Dr Stuart Gibson, an expert and specialist in private wealth, to sharpen your thinking and uncover the strategies behind significantly wealthy clients
    • Improve your private client universe by hearing from two guest speakers - one family office and one UHNW
    • Benefit from the latest research by understanding emerging themes and changes
    • Raise your value-creation expertise in acquisition, client trust & service and product development
    • Key themes include sustainability, ESG, philanthropy, succession planning, digital technology and client reporting
    • Build your knowledge base and leverage global networks by connecting with senior professionals
    • Network opportunities


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