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Social Responsibility

Gibson Strategy recognises the importance of being part of the local communities in which we work and, where possible, sponsors charitable organisations; we aim to make our contribution count.
Jersey Brain Tumour Charity
We are delighted to support Jersey Brain Tumour Charity that ensures anybody who experiences a brain tumour in Jersey, whether patients, their families or friends have access to relevant information and practical, emotional and financial support.
Autism Jersey
We are delighted to support Autism Jersey. There are about 1,000 people on the autism spectrum in Jersey. Autism Jersey supports people with autism with everyday life skills that most of us take for granted. Autism Jersey support families from when they first suspect something is different, to diagnosis and beyond. Autism Jersey are here to help people understand more about autism.
Diabetes Jersey
We are delighted to support Diabetes Jersey. The only diabetes charity in the Island, Diabetes Jersey works tirelessly to support the work of the Diabetes Centre at Overdale, those with the condition and raise awareness among the public at large of the need for testing. All funds raised remain in Jersey and no-one working for the charity draws a salary.


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